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      About Mechatronics

      Mechatronics Bearing Group is the bearing reseller group of Mechatronics, Inc. Mechatronics is a privately held company that was founded in 1984. Today, the corporation is comprised of four operating groups that serve diverse markets.

      Mechatronics Bearing Group specializes in precision bearing solutions for aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial applications. Mechatronics stocks ball bearings, miniature precision bearings, spherical bearings, rod end bearings, airframe control bearings, bushings, needle bearings, and bearing installation tools. In addition to bearings, bushings and installation tools, Mechatronics Bearing Group also offers relubrication and packaging services in a ISO Class 6 (Class 1000) cleanroom.


      Cleanroom facility is certified ISO 14644-1, 14644-2
      ISO 9001:2015
      AS9100 Rev. D

      Certification AS9100D
      Click for Certification

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